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Cannabis Criminal Defense

Mounting an aggressive defense of criminal charges related to cannabis.

Criminal Convictions Reduced

In November 2016, California voters approved Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act or AUMA. Prop 64 did more than just make marijuana legal for adult recreational use in California, it created a pathway for many people to have their cannabis convictions reduced or even eliminated from their record.

Reduced or eliminated criminal convictions can result in more employment opportunities or raise the likelihood of being able to rent or buy the house of your dreams or get loans for education. Having a felony reduced to a misdemeanor can result in restoring your right to vote & may even make you eligible to regain your gun rights! In many cases, a reduced cannabis crime can result in a shortened sentence or probation for you or a loved one. Believe it or not, a reduction or elimination can even entitle you to a refund of fines you were forced to pay because of a pot crime!

Am I Eligible?

If you have a criminal record for any of the following offenses, then you may be entitled to a conviction reduction or dismissal under Prop 64:

  1. Possession of Marijuana (Health & Safety 11357)
  2. Planting, Harvesting, or Processing Marijuana (Health & Safety 11358)
  3. Possession of Marijuana for Sale (Health & Safety 11359); or
  4. Transportation, Importation, Sale or Gift of Marijuana (Health & Safety 11360-a).

But remember, you do not automatically get your cases reduced, dismissed or resentenced!!! In order to have your case reduced, re-sentenced or dismissed, you must petition the court where you were sentenced & provide the district attorney's office with notice of your request. Finally, you may be required to appear before the court to present your case for reduction or re-sentencing and/or dismissal.

Our Service

Our service is straightforward and simple:

It begins with a free consultation with an experienced attorney to determine whether you are eligible for a marijuana conviction reduction, dismissal and/or fine refund. Once our lawyers have determined your eligibility for relief under Prop 64, we retrieve your criminal record from the appropriate court and prepare and submit your petition and serve it on the prosecutor's office.

After we file your petition, our attorney's will accompany you to any hearing that may be required by the Court.

Finally, our lawyers conduct a closing meeting in which they explain the legal & financial impact of the Court's decision.


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