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Local / State Licensing & Permits

Taking careful steps to ensure you obtain the proper licensing & permits.

It is an exciting time for the cannabis industry in California. With such rapid growth and expansion come new challenges, including the mandate that cannabis businesses comply with local laws in order to acquire state licenses.

California state law provides for numerous different licenses for the cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, testing, and retail sales of cannabis. Each of these types of licenses contain their requirements and restrictions, including but not limited to: specific record keeping, environmental requirements, safety and security protocols, and operational matters.

Finkle Law Office aims to make your licensing and permitting process as efficient and successful as possible by providing the following services:

  • Compilation of all required license & registration applications.
  • License/Permit application assistance & submission for all types of licenses (i.e. cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, etc.)
  • Land use & zoning guidance.
  • Thorough education regarding compliance with state and local regulations.
  • Development of required documents to meet regulation requirements.
  • Financial reviews ensuring compliance with regulations.


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